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Dec 13 2014

A Girl with Attitude!

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This is what our granddaughter Charlotte looks like when everything doesn't go her way. Not always sweetness and light!! Fortunately for us, this tantrum didn't last very long and we had a lovely day up at Summerhill. More pictures of Charlotte (in a sweeter mood) can be found in the 'Family' photo gallery

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Nov 24, 2014

Winter Sunset

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This picture was taken down at Greatham Beck in Hartlepool. Not the most magnificent scenery but the colors are nice. A few more sunsets shots can be found in the 'Landscapes' gallery

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June 25, 2014

Feeding Time

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I watched this blackbird build her nest in the pyrocantha hedge outside our kitchen. She laid three eggs but only two chicks survived. It was amazing to watch these two chicks being reared by both parents and finally seeing them leave the nest. There are more photos of these chicks in the 'Bird' gallery.

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